Ultraformer III


Ultraformer III

The Ultraformer III is a non-invasive device that can create face and body lifting, tightening, and contouring. This is a non-surgical option that utilises high-frequency-focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology that addresses signs of ageing. We lose collagen and elastin as we age, causing our skin to not be as flexible or supple. Our skin also loses its capacity to produce collagen and elastin as efficiently as we age. This can lead to skin laxity, folding and creasing and loss of volume. The Ultraformer can be utilised to regenerate collagen in all layers of the skin and strengthen your skin at a cellular level for a youthful, lifted appearance.

The Prophile Clinics Team will tailor an individualised treatment plan that ensures your aesthetic goals will be targeted.

The Ultraformer III is the most optimal and favourable non-invasive ultrasound device, that lifts and tightens. It is designed to remodel collagen to reduce facial wrinkles and improve skin laxity or tightening of body tissues.

For more information, or to find the right procedure for you, please book in for a consultation with one of our friendly Registered Nurses/doctors.


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Ultraformer III | Ultraformer Treatment

What to Expect

You can expect to spend 20-50 minutes in clinic for the procedure depending on the area being treated. You will have a consult with our professional treating team prior to the treatment to discuss your concerns and goals.

slight discomfort can be felt associated with the treatment, but this will vary in individuals and is only temporary whilst treatment is being performed. Our trained medical professionals will guide you each step of the way to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

Post Appointment Care

  • Flushing, redness, tingling, and sensitivity are normal following Ultraformer III, these will resolve over 24 hours to 2 weeks. Rarely tingling may last up to 3 weeks.
  • Use gentle skin care products and simple moisturisers after your Ultraformer Treatment
  • Refrain from using occlusive ointments and make up on skin for 8 hours.
  • Do not expose the treated area to further heating for 24 hrs ie. Avoid strenuous exercise, saunas, hot baths, hot showers etc.
  • Avoid taking anti-inflammatories for 24 hours after your procedure unless prescribed.
  • You may take paracetamol following your procedure.
  • Do not expose the treated area to sunlight for 24 hours unless protected by hat and SPF.


How soon will I the results and how long will it last?

The results will peak between six and nine months after treatment as new collagen is produced. This in turn makes your skin stronger and better supported, helping to reverse the effects of ageing on your skin. It is advised to get a treatment every six to twelve months to maintain your results and is likely also to give you further improvement after each subsequent treatment

How many treatments will I require?
Are there any side effects from the Ultraformer treatment?

Your skin may appear red for a few hours after Ultraformer treatment.

You may experience slight swelling, tingling or tenderness for a few days after treatment. Rarely, some patients may experience temporary bruising, welts or numbness.

There is a slight risk of a burn to the skin, which may or may not lead to scarring. Both a burn and any scarring will respond to medical treatment.

Temporary nerve inflammation will resolve in a few days or weeks.

If a motor nerve has become inflamed, you might experience some temporary local muscle weakness. There could be some temporary numbness if a sensory nerve has become inflamed. However, due to Ultraformer’s precision engineering, it is highly unlikely that either of these complications will occur.

What does Ultraformer treat?

The Ultraformer treats skin laxity on the face and body by using Micro-Focused Ultrasound bursts of finely tuned ultrasound energy to precise depths to stimulate regeneration. The target tissues are heated to the specific temperature required to induce ‘thermal injury’, which causes the collagen to contract, and then, over time, to produce new and stronger collagen. This helps improve fine lines and wrinkles as the skin is strengthened.

Ultraformer treatment is ideal for areas that are particularly prone to sagging skin, such as the cheeks and jowls, the eyebrow area, the nasolabial lines (from the nose to the corners of your mouth), and the sub-mental zone (the area under your chin). However, it can also be used very effectively for skin tightening on problem areas of different parts of the body.

Does the treatment hurt?

The degree of heat used to achieve optimal results can cause discomfort as the ultrasound energy is delivered. A plan will be advised by the treating professional to assure you are as comfortable as possible. It has been described by clients as almost pain free and is a treatment with no downtime. Therefore it is comfortable enough to have on your lunch break and then return to work immediately after.

Who is not suitable?
  • Anyone who:
  • Is pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Is under the age of 18.
  • Has a hemorrhagic disorder or dysfunction.
  • Has metal stents/implants in the face or neck.
  • Has bio-absorbable mechanical implants.
  • Has skin cancer or suspicious lesions in the treatment area
  • Has active skin infection in the treatment area including acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and active herpes simplex.
  • If you are unsure if you are a suitable candidate please contact us