CO2 Laser Resurfacing

CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Fractional CO2 Laser

Fractional CO2 laser takes the CO2 laser beam and fractionates, or pixellates that beam into thousands of tiny little shafts of light. These tiny shafts of light penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. The skin then repairs those tiny shafts by pushing out the old sun damaged skin and replacing it with new skin. As the area heals, new firmer, smoother skin replaces the old layers.

Fractional COlasers minimize the risk of adverse effects due to the targeted nature of the laser beam columns and hence results in faster recovery than traditional CO2 Laser . Due to the nature of its beam fractional CO2 lasers is suited to people with medium and darker skin tones.


CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Areas We Treat

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Promote collagen production

Lighten dark spots and melasma

Shrink the appearance of pores

Reduce acne scars

Blur the appearance of scars

Reduce the appearance of photodamage

Surgical scars reduction

An effective treatment for hyperhidrosis

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What to Expect

A topical anesthetic will be applied prior to your treatment, making the treatment more tolerable. During the treatment, you will feel a sight warmth over the area.

Possible Side Effects From Fractional CO2 Laser

Fractional lasers are much less risky than other lasers thanks as it targets a section of the skin. Having said that patients might  experience pain, redness, swelling, peeling or flaking, crusting, and hyperpigmentation, even though these side effects are short-lived during the healing process and often dissipate over the days and week following treatment.

Pre Appointment Care

  • NO Peels 4 -6 weeks prior to the treatment.
  • NO exfoliations for atleast 1week prior
  • NO microdermabrasion for 4 weeks prior
  • NO Retin A for 4 weeks prior

Post Appointment Care

  • Don’t reapply makeup immediately after your treatment. It’s actually best to leave your face free of makeup for 2 days, washing with tepid water.
  • Refrain from exercise for up to 3 days.
  • Avoiding direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight for approximately 2 weeks or more.
  • Avoid any deep exfoliation treatments and/or retinol products until the skin is completely healed.
  • Don’t let pets or people with suspicious lesions to kiss you or touch your skin.
  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours.


How Does It Differ From Other Lasers?

The fractional laser differs from the traditional laser in its mode of delivery. While traditional older laser uses the laser as a moving beam so that the surface of the skin is ablated through, Fractional CO2 laser uses new grid-like technology where the laser is delivered as numerous point laser. This leaves most of the outer skin largely intact.

With significant parts of the outer skin intact, a patient can experience less sensitivity from external environmental factors such as the sun. This means the skin’s healing is optimised. Because of advancements in fractional technology, the harsh effects of other traditional CO2 lasers can be avoided, while retaining maximum results and minimal downtime. As with any procedure or treatment, downtime can vary by the individual.

What will I look like right after the treatment and what is the healing time

During the first 24 hours after treatment, your skin may feel as though it is sunburned. Ice packs/frozen peas are used 5-10 minutes per hour for the first 5-6 hours after the treatment.


Your skin will peel for 2-7 days and will be pink for 3 to 6 weeks. This healing all depends on how deep your treatment is. After a week or so, you can wear make-up to cover the pink. Rarely, bruising may develop, which can take up to two weeks to resolve. Allow 2-4 weeks for weddings, reunions, family pictures, etc just to be safe. Allow longer for body sites like arms or legs.

Can I go back to work and activities immediately?

No, you will need to take the rest of that day off to ice and care for the treated area. For the lighter fractional CO2 treatments, you will need 3-5 days of downtime. For the deeper treatments, plan on 7-10 days of healing before you can go out in public.

How many treatments will I need?

The number depends on the extent of your sun damage, scarring or wrinkles, and on how much downtime you can accept. If you can tolerate 7 days of downtime, you would generally need only 1 or 2 fractional CO2 treatment.