Laser for Pigmentation at Prophile Clinics in Gold Coast and Brisbane

CosmeticsLaser for Pigmentation at Prophile Clinics in Gold Coast and Brisbane
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Laser for Pigmentation at Prophile Clinics in Gold Coast and Brisbane

Are you tired of dealing with pigmentation issues like freckles and uneven skin tone? Prophile Clinics, with locations in Gold Coast and Brisbane, introduces an advanced solution to these concerns – Laser for Pigmentation using the state-of-the-art laser. Dive into the world of skin rejuvenation and find out how this cutting-edge technology can transform your skin.

Illuminate Your Skin: Laser for Pigmentation at Prophile Clinics in Gold Coast and Brisbane

Understanding Pigmentation: Pigmentation, often seen in the form of freckles, results from concentrated melanin spots on the skin. These can appear in various colours, such as brown, tan, red, black, or yellow, triggered by the sun’s UVB radiation. While freckles are generally harmless and fade with reduced sun exposure, Prophile Clinics brings you a comprehensive solution for a flawless complexion.


How Laser Pigmentation Lesion Removal Works: Prophile Clinics employs light-based, laser, and IPL treatments to target melanin in darkened areas, dispersing it and allowing the lymphatic system to naturally eliminate tiny pigment fragments. This results in even-toned, unblemished skin. Designed for patient comfort, these treatments are safe and effective for all skin types and colors, including dark skin.

What to Expect: The laser pigmentation removal treatment is fast and relatively painless. Our trained medical professionals at Prophile Clinics guide you through each step, ensuring your utmost comfort. A clear gel is applied to your skin to facilitate the handpiece’s smooth glide, while safety glasses protect your eyes from laser light.

Pre-Appointment and Post-Appointment Care: To optimise results and minimise risks, Prophile Clinics provides detailed instructions for pre-appointment care. This includes sun protection, avoiding certain skincare products, and preparing the treated area. Post-appointment care involves protecting the treated area from sun exposure, using SPF 30 sun protection, and avoiding specific skincare products for a specified period.

Possible Side Effects and FAQs: While side effects are typically rare and minimal, Prophile Clinics provides information on potential outcomes and FAQs. Learn about the healing time, recommended number of treatments, eligible treatment areas, and when to expect visible results.


With locations in Gold Coast and Brisbane, our expert team ensures you can return to your daily activities immediately, enjoying the benefits of this lunchtime treatment. Rediscover radiant and even-toned skin after just a few sessions.

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